Devx Experiments

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Digital Design
Days 2018

Digital Design Days is a 3-day event offering exclusive conferences, the second Offf Milano edition, professional workshops, digital showcases & installations, a party, an unmissable experiential Gala DDDinner and many more networking activities.


About Devx

Developers from all over the world created digital experiments following pixel as the main theme to showcase what can be done with webgl and their creativity and skillset.

This project is presented to you by MONOGRID in partnership with Digital Design Days. MONOGRID is a creative digital studio based in Florence.


Bruno Imbrizi
Damien Seguin
Fred Briolet
Andrea Bovo
Richard Mattka
Yi-Wen Lin (Wen)
Ibrahim Menzel
Clément Chenebault
Mathis Biabiany
Patrik Hübner
Luigi De Rosa
Quentin Hocdé
Plus 360 Degrees
Romain Demongivert
Thomas Van Glabeke + Manon Jouet
William Manco + Sebastiano Pierotti
Pierfrancesco Soffritti
Florian Morel + Michele Angeloro
Ludovic Bouvinet
Lin Yi-Wen
Mathis Biabiany + Celia Lopez
Neri Barnini
Damien Seguin
Nicolas Daniel
Patrik Huebner
David Ronai
Scott Darby
Andrea Bovo
Florian Zumbrunn
Fabian Irsara
Pierfrancesco Soffritti
Raphaël Améaume
William Manco
Alessandro Rigobello